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Nextgen Design Academy represents hope, freedom, beauty, inspiration, self-discovery, creativity, and good old fun. You are smart to consider a career in interior design. It is a growing industry and quite healthy, but also very competitive. The US Department of Labor (USDL) projects a 4% growth from 2019 to 2028, which does not include the rise of entrepreneurial opportunities. Here is how NextGen Design Academy is here to help you meet these challenges as you learn interior design online.

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Our teaching methods coach you to be a designer from the inside out.

You will learn:

  • The secret to tapping into your divine intuition, so that designing is effortless for you.
  • How to harness your acute observation, so that you can recognize design solutions like no other interior designer
  • The power behind exercising your critical thinking both as a designer and business owner
  • Tune into your emotional drivers, so you are prepared to solve real-life design malfunctions elegantly.

You’ll Learn Interior Design Without…

  • Going into paralyzing debt…which is how Universities operate.
  • Giving up your current paycheck…because you have bills to pay.
  • Losing time with your friends and family…because time is your most precious asset.

Exclusive Teaching Method, the Formula to Your Success

Unlike other interior design and decorating schools or courses, NextGen is built on an exclusive 3-point learning system called the Success Trifecta for online learning.

Success Trifecta Includes:

Design Intelligence

Design Intelligence is a one-of-a-kind method for interior design training in NJ used to teach you how to incorporate a holistic approach COUPLED with a Design Framework that is divided into 3 parts:

  • Design Principles which include fundamentals such as color, design concepts, space, proportion, lighting, history, and more.
  • User Experience which consists of concepts that include placement, flow, utilization, efficiency, proxemics, behavior, and more.
  • The Visceral which embraces ideas guided by the soul, such as energy, biophilia, feelings, mood, personalization, mindset, intuition, and more.

Business Coaching/ Mentorship

The fundamentals of NextGen’s online decorating program provides you with the knowledge and experience necessary to work as an independent Interior decorator or work within the interior design industry. You learn all the necessary professional business practices at our online interior design school to help you succeed in having a thriving career. One that will make you smile every day as you follow your passion and be profitable, at the same time!

Ongoing Support

Our dream team of interior design professionals will be here to provide feedback throughout the course. Instructors will always be available to schedule a phone call or face-to-face Zoom meeting for those students that want one-on-one feedback. You will also receive personalized suggestions on each assignment you turn in. This way you receive valuable and relevant comments on your work at the convenience of your own schedule.