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Does you current career align with your higher self, your beliefs, values and…

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Meet Joy

My name is Joy Nan Rodia, and I am the creator of the NextGen Design Academy.

I invite you into the NextGen fold, where we are so much more than a place for lessons and homework.

We represent hope, freedom, beauty, inspiration, self-discovery, creativity, and of course, good old fashion fun.

I did one thing that allowed me to leave my well-paid, joyless corporate job, and start my dream interior design business.

Good design is about being grounded in your thought, having a creative formula and a well trained eye.


About NextGen Design Academy

You’ll Experience The Next-Generation Difference

NextGen’s teaching methods coaches you to be a decorator from the inside out. You’ll learn:

The secret to tapping into your divine intuition, so that designing is effortless for you, How to harness your acute

observation, so you recognize design solutions like no other decorator. The power behind exercising your critical

thinking both as a decorator and a business owner. How to tune into your emotional drivers, so you are prepared to solve

real-life design malfunctions elegantly.

It’s Not Just Theory, You’ll Apply Your Expertise

You’ll learn to apply your new found expertise in circumstances like:

How do you start and run an interior decorating business, so your business isn’t a failure statistic?

How do you deal with demanding clients, so they continue to refer business to you?

How do you get out of a creative rut, so your clients pay for your best work, even when you’re not feeling it?

You’ll Embody Beyonce Level Confidence

After earning your certification, you’ll enter the home interior design industry ferociously, armed with Beyonce level confidence, and a highly developed sense of style.

You’ll also hold the tools, documents, and insight that goes into being a skilled business administrator, earning you the freedom and flexibility of an entrepreneur.


You Are Not Alone Fulfilling Your Dream Career

Emerging real estate and lifestyle trends such as active aging, sustainability, and the Millennial generation are, right now, changing the landscape of interior design. NextGen’s interior design education puts you on the cutting-edge of the design industry, by curating the curriculum and teaching methods around those emerging forces shaping the future of the interior design industry preparing you as a NEXT GENERATION designer, and inescapably enabling you to be a competitor in a competitive industry. If you’re not quite ready to enroll today, then let us support you in your journey towards enrollment.

Join us in our free Facebook™ group where we offer you friendly encouragement and professional guidance as you study interior design.

We’re also known for throwing out some amazing decorating tips to simplify the concept of interior design for beginners.

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“I’ve made it my life’s work to help creatives like you, transform into elite interior decorators and intuitive business owners. Your dream career is only one click away. Won’t you join us?“

Joy Nan Rodia, Creator of NextGen Design Academy.


  Invest in Yourself

We understand that chasing your dreams isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why this course is designed to be self-paced, hands on, very informative and fun. Once you join our online interior design academy, you will have 12 months to complete this course at your own convenience.

We suggest dedicating an average of about 5-8 hours per week for 4 to 6 months to work through our modules but it is ultimately up to you! Our instructors are always here to guide the way, motivate you, and gently keep you on the road to success as you learn interior design.

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There is no doubt the best decorators are creative and innately talented. The language of interior decorating can be taught through our Academy – with much success. Get started on your interior design journey with NextGen.