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Former Admin Assistant and Paralegal Turned Professional Home Staging Business Owners

Amy and Katie worked at the same nice law office, and both suffered from office burnout. Bored to tear with their professional life, they signed up for Joy’s decorating course.

Shortly after, Amy and Katie earned their certificate and launched a Professional Home Staging business.

At first, they stayed busy staging homes on nights and weekends. Joy taught them how to be good decorators, therefore, they were busy with clients.

So, as the demand for their staging services grew, it became obvious it was time to leave behind the illusion of a steady paycheck, the Golden Handcuffs they call it.

Amy & Katie Success Story

Katie Miedler former student of Joy's
Amy Burke former student of Joy's

In the past 5 years, Amy and Katie staged $14.6 Million worth of real estate. The properties they stage get 104% of the asking price, which makes them both highly sought out home stagers.

Amy and Katie’s best advice for someone considering taking Joy’s course is that you only need to like interior decorating a little bit.

“Joy’s course was so fun and inspirational that you’ll end up with a passion for decorating. Like we did. We never even considered starting our own business, but Joy’s course happily led us down that path.”