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    OFCourse Interior Design Academy Council for Interior Design Professionals (ODACDP™ )

OFCourse Design Academy Council for Interior Decorating Professionals™ (ODACDP™) provides interior decorators with the means to identify decorating professionals who have demonstrated an exceptional level of competence needed to practice interior decorating during interior decorating courses in NJ, NYC and PA

In fulfillment of this purpose, OFCourse Design ACADEMY Certified Design Professionals ™ provides professional assignments and final design projects that are required throughout the interior decorating course in NY. These assignments and projects cover those aspects of the practice of interior decorating that affect the public’s mind, body and soul coupled with our one of a kind Success Trifecta that includes Design Intelligence, Business Support, and Coaching.

As an interior decorating professional, you know that credentialing and experience are the keys to your success.

OFCOURSE DESIGN Academy Council of Decorating Professionals® (ODACDP™) certification is a benchmark certification that defines your competence as a professional interior decorator who has the ability to visualize space – form, scale, balance, and mindfulness coupled with the knowledge that each module of our interior design certificate programs in NYC provides to apply learned skills and critical thinking relevant to the industry.

You’ve been thinking that the ODACDP™ would add value to your career – and you are right!

Here are a few of the top reasons why you should get certified:

The ODACDP™certification course is the most prestigious and one of a kind interior decorating online program for design professionals

As a graduate of OFCourse Interior Design Academy and is a member of OFCourse Design Academy Council of Design Professionals ®(ODACDP™ )

It demonstrates a working knowledge of the practice of interior decorating and It confirms commitment to your profession with all those who see the letters after your name.

Our course and certification offers a career differentiator, with enhanced credibility and marketability; and This indicates that OFCourse Design Academy Council of Design Professionals® is more qualified.

Certification Makes a Difference! And here’s why:

To employers who seek to staff their firms with qualified and experienced interior decorators; and

To the individual professional who attains certification – becoming a ODACDP™ is a significant personal and professional accomplishment – it is a key step toward enhanced
The achievement of the ODACDP’s designation represents the initiative to excel beyond the minimum requirements and distinguishes an interior decorator of the Council of Design Professionals who have outstanding skills, knowledge and the professional expertise needed as a result of all assignments and design project submitted with a level of excellence.

Consumers Value Certification

For the client, hiring an OFCourse Design Academy Council of Interior Design Professional provides peace-of-mind and can rest assured they’ve hired a trained specialist in interior decorating.

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