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Is it your dream to become an Interior Designer

but you’re shackled to a soul-crushing 9 to 5 job?

Yes?  Then consider this a sign from the Universe!

I am turning 10 5 aspiring interior designers into next-generation interior decorators in 16 weeks or less…For FREE

Master Interior Decorating Even If…

You have a full-time job and little time in the day.
You don’t have time to go back for a 4-year degree.
You can’t draw or struggle with math.

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Learn Interior Design

This is your ONE-TIME chance to learn interior decorating for FREE from Joy Nan Rodia.

You Are Not Alone Fulfilling Your Dream Interior Decorating CareerJoy is an established NY/NJ interior designer, a graduate of the prestigous Parsons School of Design in NYC, and the creator of NextGen Design Academy online interior decorating course. 

I’ve made my online course (NextGen) free for only one reason.

But before I tell you that reason…

You’ll want to know this:

I’m 100% confident your dream career CAN be your reality.
Despite the silly criticisms running through your head right now insisting you can’t have the career you’ve always wanted.

And here’s why I’m 100% confident…

I’ve already helped hundreds of aspiring designers, like you, transition out of a lifeless job and into a magnificent design career that sparked life into their soul.

Take Amy & Katie, for instance.

Katie Miedler former student of Joy'sThey both worked at the same nice, but yawn-your-face-off boring law firm until they took my course (in person).

In addition to interior design, I showed them the exact steps to start a business and land clients.

Amy Burke former student of Joy'sImmediately following graduation, Amy & Katie started a professional home staging business together.

In the past, 5 years both Amy & Katie quit their mind-numbing jobs, dove full-time into their business, and staged $14.5 Million worth of real estate.

Wonder how they did it?

Well, you might be surprised how simple my secret formula is to follow.

I call it the Success Trifecta for online learning.

It’s the only system that I’ve found to work for heart-centered creatives who aspire to be interior decorators.

It’s a 3-point learning system that involves

❶ Design Intelligence
❷ Business Coaching
❸ Ongoing Support

Without the Success Trifecta, you, as a new decorator, are subject to one-dimensional design philosophies and left to struggle with entrepreneurship by yourself.

That’s why I took everything I learned from my $200,000 education at Parsons, added that to 23 years of business coaching, and built a very special online course specifically for the next generation of designers…JUST.LIKE.YOU.

It’s called


Even if…

Even if you have a full-time job and have little time in the day.
Even if you can’t imagine giving up your paycheck….yet.
Even if you question if you’re capable.
Even if you think you can’t afford it.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN have a career in interior design, and it can start today for free.

Now for what I promised:

Why I’m offering such an elite online course for free.

Unfortunately, it starts with bad-news.

The Next Generation Design Academy doesn’t officially launch until 2020.

At which time, the course will cost between $1,000 and $2,500.


Before I officially launch, I’m awarding 10 5 scholarships to aspiring designers to take the course and provide me with unabridged feedback.

That’s it. I’m covering the cost of your course just so you can tell me what you think of it.

What you get in the course

You get instant access to 8 course modules.
You get hands-on learning by participating in the assignments.
You receive personal one-on-one feedback from me, Joy.
You also get access to our private Facebook™ group for on-going support.

As a bonus…

You get to attend live calls with guest speakers from industry experts, additional live support, and bonus material that no other course offers.

…BUT WAIT, there’s more (I’ve always wanted to say that)

After you complete your assignments, you will also receive an associate certificate of completion instantly giving you the credibility of an interior decorator.

Best of all…YOU get to help shape the Next Generation Design Academy.

Please hurry! I’m only giving out 10 5 scholarships, worldwide, so click the button below and start the application process right now.

Once all 10 5 scholarships are awarded, this course will never be free again.

Once all 10 sholarships are given away, this course will never be free again.

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