Not all interior decorating online certificate programs are created equal. Unfortunately, there’s a whole lot of poorly produced, bore-you-to-tears courses out there that, in the end, do not provide quality education.

NextGen Design Academy is the premier course that is truly inspiring, engaging, current, educational and lives up to the potential of distance learning, and here’s why:

1) Appropriate Pace

It can be hard to find the right balance to strike, but our interior decorating online course has been designed at a proper pace.

Appropriate pacing means that you, the student, will neither bored nor overwhelmed; you will have plenty of time–and work at your own pace – to complete your assignments and projects, but will also be kept engaged by small assignments in the interim. These small assignments will never stack up and bury you, to cause any stress or anxiety, nor will they be pointless, tedious busy work assignments.

2) Multimedia Integration

The really exciting part of NextGen Design Academy’s online course is the fact that we present content in ways that books and lectures can’t. Great online courses such as ours, take advantage of this fact, and has incorporated various multimedia elements into the presentation, such as videos, interactive activities, and more. This is certainly more engaging than reading a long text document, and the information that you gather throughout this course is much more likely to be retained.

3) Quality Content

When a course’s content is of high quality, like NextGen Design Academy, you will find yourself engaged and curious, and as a result, your learning will be a natural experience. Low quality content feels like a chore, and the information is hardly ever retained. Our course delivers high quality content in modalities like: videos, websites, audio presentations, just to name a few.

4) Self-Directed Learning

At NextGen Design Academy, we recognize that our students are adults who have the ability to make up their own mind and take responsibility for their own education. We are not in the business of micromanaging, as students might become frustrated or, at best, don’t make any meaningful discoveries on their own. We give our give students the freedom to design their own projects and explore the aspects of interior design which are most interesting to them.

5) Community Connection

Our course will eliminate the risk of isolation by encouraging online interaction between our students and our faculty by fostering a sense of community, and giving students the support needed to ask questions or seek guidance with our experienced Interior Designers and tutors, through zoom meetings and online chat groups.

Want to jump into the world of interior design from the comfort of your own home? Enroll now.